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Fire & Smoke BBQ Company

Smoker's Starter Rub Pack

Smoker's Starter Rub Pack

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Introducing our signature smoking rubs now available in a 3 pack! This includes our Windy City BBQ rub, Second City sweet BBQ rub, and Six Corners brisket rub. This is a great way to try out some of our most popular flavors. It is also an excellent gift idea for your beginner (or advanced!) backyard smoker.

Made with high quality and fresh ingredients, these small-batch rubs and seasonings are perfect to enhance anything you pair it with.

  • Small Batch: Our rubs and seasonings are small batch and hand packed with care to ensure that each container has all the flavors in perfect harmony.
  • No Fillers and Preservatives: We take pride in our product's quality and it starts by using only premium ingredients without any fillers, GMOs, or preservatives.
  • Support Small: We are a family owned small business, so your order and support means the world to us.

Brimming with natural ingredients and spices, Windy City and Six Corners contain no sugar making it an ideal option for health-conscious individuals. Second City is made with brown sugar, however that does not change the high quality you'd expect from us.

Elevate your cooking game like never before! Add Fire & Smoke BBQ Company Smoker's Starter Pack - Best Seller to cart now!

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