Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your products so delicious?

We pride ourselves in using only the freshest spices, free from fillers or preservatives. This will ensure that you get high quality flavors that pack a punch.

Are your products sugar free?

Almost all of our products are free from processed sugars! Our sugar free line includes: Windy City, Six Corners, The Classic, Estes Ave., and Shiitake.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes! All of products are free from gluten. However, we are produced in a facility that may produce others products containing gluten.

Are your products dairy free?

All of our rubs and our two hot sauces are dairy free.

Old Town original bbq sauce does contain butter (dairy).

Are your products spicy?

We would say no. But if you're worried, use a light hand when seasoning. Since our rubs do not contain any fillers, a little goes a long way!

What are the "other spices"?

Great question! If you are concerned about an allergy, please reach out to us at for a complete ingredients list.