Smoked Biscuit Chicken

Smoked Biscuit Chicken


6 chicken thighs (with skin and bones)
¾ cup of bisquick mix
2 teaspoons of Fire & Smoke Windy City rub
1 ½ teaspoons of Fire & Smoke Classic rub
1 tablespoon of butter



Set up cooker for indirect cooking and preheat Cooker to 425° degrees.
While cooker is coming to temp, mix dry ingredients together in large bowl.
Place butter on a sided cookie sheet and place in cooker until butter melted. When melted
remove from cooker and spread out coating the whole sheet.
Coat chicken thighs thoroughly with dry mix and place skin side down on buttered pan.
Place pan in cooker cook for 30 min.
At 30 min flip chicken over and cook till it reaches 175° internal usually about 18 minutes.
Remove let rest 10 minutes and enjoy.
Pairs great with cast iron potatoes coated with The Classic rub.


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