Shiitake Sourdough Crackers

Shiitake Sourdough Crackers

Has someone in your house gotten into sourdough and now is keeping jars of discard? Maybe that someone is even yourself? Turn it into Shiitake sourdough crackers. 


Use your favorite cracker recipe or this one. 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit .


1. Combine 200grams discard with 2tbs of melted butter. 


2. Spread mixture sheet of parchment paper to desired thickness. 


3. Top with desired amount of Shiitake steak rub.


4. Bake for 10 minute and remove from oven. Score with pizza cutter to desired cracker size. 


5. Bake for at least another 40 to 50 minutes to achieve desired level of doneness. 


Serve it with your favorite cheese or other toppings. Mozzarella works well!

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